By Charley A. Prescott 

Along the lines of a fitness routine at the gym, the typical shower can get old after a while, especially considering most of us do it at least once a day. In order to mix things up it’s a good idea to incorporate activities that will get you going in the morning by cleansing, conditioning and hydrating your skin. You also can incorporate practices that will save time. Here are six ways to vary your morning shower routine. 

Use warm water instead of hot

When the outside temperature is cold, the frigid harsh weather can wreak havoc on a guy’s face and body. Want to preserve a moderate amount of your body’s natural moisture? As a general rule, avoid excessively hot showers in winter; they strip hair and skin of their natural moisture levels.  

Make shaving the grand finale 

If you choose to shave as soon as you jump into the shower, this practice can wreak havoc on your skin. While in the shower, allow the moist heat to open the pores and soften facial hair, which will encourage an easier and less irritating shave. Using a gentle exfoliant on the face several times a week also benefits the skin by easing the not-so-pretty effects of shaving.      

Brush your teeth

While some view this as unhygienic, we don’t see a anything wrong with multi-tasking in the shower while you are waiting for your pores to open.

Ditch the bar soap     

We know the deal. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job. On those really cold days of winter getting out of bed feels like Mission Impossible. Reward yourself by using a fresh shower gel that nourishes the skin while energizing mind and body. 

Prep the skin for the shaving process

Regardless of the area you are shaving — face, chest or any other area of the body — safeguard sensitive skin by prepping it. Are you are a guy who is prone to ingrown hairs and inflammation? Licensed esthetician Erika Rucker says that silicone-based shaving cream will act as a lubricant to protect skin from irritation.

Shower with a woman

Food for thought. Water is a limited resource. Not only is showering with a significant other efficient and fun, it’s a green-friendly practice that enables you to conserve water.

(Charley A. Prescott is a freelance writer who specializes in fashion and grooming.)