Every once in a while a brand we love does something we really dig. Such is the case with Oakley’s latest project. Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles is a hangout space and pop-up skate park to explore, participate in and celebrate a shared obsession for creativity in skate. The venue is open daily through May 10th and offers workshops, exhibitions, athlete met-ups, skate sessions and film screenings.

It’s the first of three “Oakley in Residence” hubs—the next two hit London and NYC this summer designed to fuel passion rooted in sport as part of brand’s global ONE OBSESSION campaign and #LiveYours movement.

Skateboarder Eric Koston, featured in the ONE OBSESSION campaign, inspired the concept and programming of OIR: LA with connections to his personal place of obsession (Los Angeles), art, creativity and skate culture. Of course it didn’t hurt that LA has in incredibly long history in skateboarding.

So what kind of stuff goes on there? Well, a couple weeks back the space was curated by the Art Dump skate artist collective, which brought to life eight legendary local skate spots around Los Angeles. Artists were paired with each location and designed both a flag and skate deck representing their skate spot. Examples include Carlos M. Gutierrez’s Lockwood flag and Nick Zegel’s Pink Motel flag, pictured below.


That exhibition was followed by a curation from one of the most highly respected skate photographers, Atiba Jefferson, who filled the space with photos that capture some of the most influential figures in skate at some of the most iconic places in Los Angeles. His images—including the lead photo of Sean Pablo and the ones below of Kennan Milton and Tony Hawk—are a time capsule of the evolving nature of skateboarding.


As a bonus, there’s free programming to help kids (and kids at heart) nurture their passion for art and/or skating. Stuff like a skate photo workshop with Jefferson, zine-making class with the Art Dump collective and a custom board workshop.

So if you happen to live in LA or will be there this weekend, roll on by and check it out. Don’t be surprised if you roll out with a new appreciation for a life lived one rail slide at a time… and the people who support and celebrate it.

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