You can go to Telluride and Jackson Hole and Aspen only so many times before you start to think that maybe there’s got to be something better out there. That’s when you start going north to take a luxury yacht cruise cum heliskiing expedition. But, even that doesn’t slake your thirst for adventure. Well, now you’ve got an option for your next snow-sliding sojourn.

You’ll be traveling south, this time, with Ice Axe expeditions to ski the lost and lonely ice continent of Antarctica. You’ll be lead by famed expedition leader Doug Stoup – the first American to ski to the South Pole – and you’ll be making your way across the barren, beauty of a wasteland compliments of the old-world sailing ship, the Australis. By night, you’ll bunk there, and by day, you’ll trek across the icefields and inclines observing the vistas and wildlife. It’s not an easy expedition – not many will be able to hack it. Appropriately, space is limited, so make your reservations for the 2010 expedition (this Nov. and Dec.) or pencil one in for 2011 if you need some time to get your (ice)sea legs under you.