Skullcandy isn’t known for subtlety. With a lineup of brightly colored headphones in a variety of weird and unique designs, most of their products scream “look at me” in one way or another. That changes with the Aviators ($150), a new, more grown-up addition to Skullcandy’s headphone line that would look right at home in any respectable man cave.

Designed with the classic sunglasses of the same name in mind, the Aviators certainly have the style element down. As for sound quality, they’re a part of Skullcandy’s new “Supreme Sound” campaign, an attempt to ramp up the brand’s appeal among serious audiophiles in search of the perfect tone. The result is a more powerful sound featuring warmer vocals and stronger bass. At the same time, the Aviators’ memory foam ear pillows and durable design provide the comfort necessary for extended listening sessions.

Ready to lose those tangled earbuds and get down to some serious sound appreciation? Pick up a pair of Aviators at