Man, anybody can climb up Everest. Not everybody can hurl their bodies into the thinner-than-normal-air ether surrounding it, plunge toward its base, and survive. But, surprise, you can, if you visit Everest Skydive, you definitely can. 

This isn’t some tried-and-true method of adventure like Everest itself. Airplanes simply didn’t exist in the area until 2008 when Nigel Gifford became the first person in the world to parachute into the world’s highest drop zone, the same one you will. 

Your adventure starts when you fly into Kathmandu and spend a night in the (seriously) Yak & Yeti hotel. This is followed by a 5-day trek into the mountains surrounding Kathmandu where you will eventually approach the Everest Skydive base camp: the Syangboche aerodrome. Even when you’re on the runway, you’ll need an oxygen mask. Bad. Ass. 

From their you’ll get in the plane, climb to 29,000 feet where you’ll hear “standby,” and then, “exit.” Then, as they say, it’s on. Check out the video below or just go make your reservations here