Well, it’s November 9th, and from the looks of things, the world is still here. Excellent. You won’t have to regret paying for that Amazon Prime subscription up front. But after all the negativity of this past year, you’re probably ready to leave it all behind. To move forward. To pack your bags, point somewhere peaceful and relax in a luxurious island compound… where David Bowie once lived.

Hey, seems as good a place as any. Better, actually.

Mandalay is the impressive hilltop estate built in the late ’80s for the legend himself, Mr. David Bowie. It’s located on the small island of Mustique. That’s in the Caribbean. Don’t worry, we had to look it up, too.

The property’s got a real Balinese/tropical paradise/safari lodge vibe, so there’s plenty to look at. Including the five large bedrooms, each with its own private veranda leading straight to the infinity pool. From there, you’ve got a dining room, game room and study, plus a koi pond and six acres of gardens for strolling about.

Aside from the main house, there are also two one-bedroom guest houses—the Writer’s Cottage and the Studio—the latter of which was once an actual studio where David Bowie recorded music. So be sure to give that a look.

If you want to rent this place for yourself, just know that prices can range up to $60,000 per week, so… maybe call your accountant first.