One of life’s greatest luxuries is drifting off to sleep to some of your favorite relaxing music. But there are a few problems. Number one, you can wake up with ears sore from laying your head on cumbersome headphones for eight hours.

Number two, you might not wake up at all if you manage to strangle yourself with the headphone wire. And thirdly, if you have somebody sleeping next to you, it might unfairly keep them awake, especially if your music of choice is Slipknot or something equally outrageously obnoxious for some reason. Here’s your solution: the Sound Asleep Pillows. These pillows actually have the speaker deep inside of them, and though you’re probably thinking that sounds about as comfortable as resting your head on a bowling ball, the speaker is completely unnoticeable. A removable wire allows you to hook up your mp3 player before you to go to bed and sleep unbothered by wires and headphones. And the pillow is designed to specifically keep your music from annoying a partner in the bed next to you. You can buy the original pillow, or the memory foam pillow. Both are designed for head and neck support. You can find both of them here.