Get out your credit cards. We’ve got the perfect, no-brainer gift for your special lady (and kind of for you). The iPanties combine your two favorite things: technology and  lingerie, without embarrassing trips to the emergency room.

Anyone who has an iPhone knows how they’re greeted with a “Slide to Unlock” screen when they go to activate the device. Imagine that same sexy message every time you go to activate your girlfriend’s, well, you know what. Kind of puts the G-spot in the 3G. Bonus: Women with a good sense of humor will enjoy the iPanties as much as you will, what with their high-quality cotton, comfy elastic trim, and thong coverage, ensuring a perfect fit and making them feel sexier than ever. There was no app for that last time we checked.

The makers keep it simple, offering them in black and white, small, medium, or large. Sorry, fellas, there’s no men’s version… But that would be a bit creepy, anyway, especially if you put them on backwards. They go for $12 each and you can purchase them at