Deeply seeded in the overpopulated, overcrowded, overhistorical capital of Italy, Rome, lay the smallest apartment in the world which, somehow, still commands a shocking $68,490. The apartment is a scant 55 square feet, and the largest section of it is described as being “a little bigger than a wig wam.” It’s arranged with a barely-standable entryway next to a toilet, sink and shower.

In the entryway is a ladder leading up to the sleeping loft (a favorite architectural layout of the Made Man editorial staff) where there’s enough room for one person to sleep in relative comfort.  It’s not that out of the ordinary, there, though. A local Rome paper, Il Giorno, wrote, “In Rome, people live like rats.” Fair enough.

The unit is located in the Piazza di Sant’ Ignazio which is overlooked by a beautiful cathedral, and located in the shadow of Palazzo Grazioli – the mansion of the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi (piazza pictured below).

rome apartment