At first blush, this might seem a little bit creepy. But, the man must be doing something right. He landed Demi Moore in her prime. He raised an arguable cutie, Rumer Willis. He starred in hella good movies about kicking ass and taking names. Maybe smelling like this harmonica-rockin’ bald guy wouldn’t be such a bad thing?

The gruff action star collaborated with the considerably less-gruff German health and beauty company, LR Health and Beauty Systems, to create his new line of signature scents. So, what does it smell like? Tilo Tilo Plöger, COO at LRR says, “I personally believe that the new Bruce Willis fragrance is the manliest scent in the world.” 

It may be. Though, they’ve got some stiff, bare-handed competition over at Old Spice and Every man Jack in our opinion.