If you like Facebook games, you should really be playing Epic Monsters, but if you play another game, you could probably play Mafia Wars. A lot of people already are, in fact, as they just this week signed up there 10 millionth player for the new Mafia Wars: Las Vegas.   And, to celebrate, they got Snoop Dogg to blow up an armored truck!   Why? Snoop can explain: 

“For one, it don’t get no more gangster than Snoop Dogg. For two, I understand the mafia culture. And for three, you know, I’m trying to decide the evidence. I know how to make it happen.” 

The game launched less than a month ago, and they held the event in Las Vegas because, well, there’s just a lot of things that nobody cares about enough to stop them from getting blown up there.   If you want to get in on Mafia Wars, check it out here

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