Twenty years ago, he released the no. 1 multi-platinum debut album Doggystyle, and he’s seemingly been everywhere ever since. Whatever name he goes by, Snoop is an iconic rapper, actor and supporter of youth football (hey, the man created the Snooper Bowl). With an upcoming funk album and one very trippy new music video for Hot Pockets featuring America’s hottest supermodel, Calvin Broadus/Snoop Doggy Dogg/Snoop Lion/Snoopzilla talks everything from football to facial hair to females in this exclusive Q&A.

I believe on Halloween a couple times I put a fake moustache on. They told me I had to drink alcohol to get a beard, so I started drinking. I tried all kinds of things before I finally figured out it was gonna come on its own.

You’ve said it’s important for a coach to serve as a father figure. Has coaching changed how you think about being a father?
Coaching has made me a better father. It’s made me a better man. It has showed me how to have more patience and more understanding of kids and life in general. When you’re coaching, you are a teacher. With a lot of these kids, we’re like an extended elementary school. We’re teaching them the basics while coaching. I believe it’s made me a better person overall.

How do you feel about the classic Bear Bryant-type coach who’d literally train players until they were hospitalized?
You gotta take a little bit of those old school tactics and ethics and use them, but some of ’em gotta go out the window because it’s a new era. I feel like me and my kids, we have a friendship, a relationship. That’s bigger than a coach. Because at the end of the football career, they love me and respect me for what I’ve given them. That’s the main goal: we’re giving to them, as opposed to taking away from them.

Do you have a favorite coach?
I love Pete Carroll, man. Pete Carroll is up close and personal, he’s a standup kind of guy, he fights for his players, he goes in and he’s a man of his word. I’d like to pattern my coaching after his. That’s one great coach that I know: he’ll get the best out of his players, no matter where he’s at.

Made Man is a partner with Movember and, accordingly, salutes your facial hair. Have you ever been clean-shaven during your career?
When I did [Mac and Devin Go to] High School, the movie with me and Wiz Khalifa, I cut it all off because I was trying to play a character that was in high school. Other that, I try to keep something on there. And I had my moustache on for that cause. They gave me a T-shirt. I represented for them. I’m always about the positivity.

Back when he was simply Snoop Dogg, he rocked a mo and goat with the best of ’em.

What draws you to facial hair?
When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow facial hair because a lot of the people I looked up to like Barry White had moustaches. My father had a moustache. You know, when you’re a kid, you always want to be grown before you get a chance to be grown. I believe on Halloween a couple times I put a fake moustache on. They told me I had to drink alcohol to get a beard, so I started drinking. I tried all kinds of things before I finally figured out it was gonna come on its own.

You’ve worked with stunning women from Pam Grier in your “Doggy Dogg World” video to Katy Perry in “California Gurls”. How does Kate Upton rank?
Oh man, she’s hot to trot. She’s what’s now. One thing about me, when you see me with a particular female actress, she’s got to be hot for right now. When I did the Pam Grier thing, she was smoking hot. Now Kate Upton’s smoking hot. Whoever’s the next hot thing, they definitely want to be next to me if they want their careers to blossom. You dig?

How did you wind up working with Hot Pockets?
I’d say about ninety-nine percent of the projects that I endorse, that I get behind, that I push, I gotta have a natural love for it or there’s something about that product that is so me. I love the fact that I can go get a hundred boxes of Hot Pockets, pass ’em out to my football league. It’s always about the bigger picture. When I get down with somebody, how does it benefit me like it’s benefitting them? Because when I push and promote your product, millions of people gonna buy it, talk about it, love it, so now I got to make sure that I’m getting the same value out of it that I’m giving.

You’re known for loving the L.A. Lakers. What’s going to happen this season?
I think we’re gonna be all right. I was just looking at them and we lost a couple of pieces but the people that are here want to be here and they’re gonna play hard and they’re going to get behind Kobe Bryant.

You think Kobe’s going to be able to come back quickly?
He went to Germany, man. You know the Germans got that sauce over there to get your shit back together.