If you’re too lazy to get out of the hot tub, but you’re not prepared to miss this week’s late night movie marathon of Bikini Aliens from the Planet Sexturn 1 through 19, then you’re in luck. These waterproof flat-panel televisions will be there for the long haul.

You can get your moist-man-vision in a variety of sizes: anywhere from a modest 26-incher (lame) to a more robust and practical 55-incher (that’s about right). The way it works is you have a wireless receiver inside your house hooked up to your cable, satellite, PS3 or whatever. The audio and video signals get beamed wirelessly and instantly to your TV which is outside in a hurricane.

They admit on the site that the picture quality suffers somewhat in direct sunlight (wireless signals only go up to 720i). They increase brightness and contrast ratios to compensate, but all you’ll have to really do to stop caring is realize you’re hanging out in a hot tub. Probably there are a lot of foxy ladies with you, right? That’s how hot tubs work

To get your own waterproof flat screen, give Global Outdoor Concepts a jingle. [Buy it]