The financial job market must be in some tough times right now, because some new college graduates are putting up YouTube videos soliciting themselves to the Wall Street wolves looking for work.

Getting made fun of on the business blog circuit is probably not the best way to introduce yourself. Meet Brenna, an attractive recent business graduate from DePaul University. She also likes Chinese!

Somebody Please Hire Her – Watch more free videos

(see why this is a bad idea after the jump)

The first question that came to my mind after seeing this video was to clarify one point at the (45 second) mark. July 1st she moves to NY to drive her career to new heights? What exactly does she mean by that, she need a car to reach those new heights?

I decided to do some follow-up research to ‘learn more’ about her.

On Miss Brenna’s YouTube page I’ve gathered that she likes Linkin Park quite a lot. I also enjoyed the video she took in China of a woman carrying a chicken in a plastic bag. Mocking those less fortunate than you? For shame.

But in the DealBreaker post where this video was first seen, commenters have really done some insightful digging:

  • Brenna may be taping herself at a weird angle because one eye is higher than the other, as illustrated in her college’s student profile.
  • DePaul University is not good enough for Wall Street?
  • Her listed occupation: “Financial warrior/slayer”
  • A commenter named Anal_yst says “the only sure-fire way to avoid getting a job on wall street is to make a video “proving” how much you deserve one.”
  • Some think she resembles pornographic film star, Sasha Grey.
  • She is ‘way too stuffy’.
  • A guest commenter says “Her Chinese sucks, Beijing accent – she said “I’m able to speak a little bit of Chinese” and then threw in a “thanks” at the end.” Apparently most people’s dogs can do better than that.

So there you have it. If Brenna thought this was the best way to get acquainted with Wall Street, she’s probably regretting it now. Better to go with the paper resume next time, and use a fancy font to show your creativity.

However, none of this contradicts with the fact that she is an ambitious and attractive young woman educated as a ‘financial service professional’. Is that enough in this world? Probably.

Personally I hope all this exposure helps her out. I’m pretty sure most of the Fortune 500 CEOs read this blog, right? And in these hard-fought recession-y days on Wall Street, everyone knows the best place to find new talent to bring your company back into the black is on YouTube.

I can just see Vikram Pandit now, sitting at his desk and hitting the refresh button on his ‘Wall Street Wannabe Videos’ search page.

DealBreaker: Maria Bartiromo 3.0, June 11, 2008