This isn’t the first green luxury resort we’ve covered, but it might be the greenest. The Soneva Kiri green luxury resort is the brain child of the Bangkok-based Six Senses resort company.

The idea behind this sustainable villa is that it’s been created and is maintained with almost entirely locally sourced, renewable materials. New Zealand’s Stuff reports:

The cave-like structure is based on a naturally ventilated tepee design by Miwok Indians from northern California, with casuarina driftwood logs dug out of a nearby beach providing the support. Stone boulders rendered with a buffalo-skin glue and jaggery line the outside walls; inside, mudbricks covered with plaster made from clay and rice husk radiate a warm glow. The floor is compacted mud, the furniture is fashioned out of driftwood and the whole building has been fixed together with hardwood dowels made by a local boat maker.

There are tradeoffs, though. The jungle lights up with noise at night making it less-than-serene. The water you wash your hands with gets visibly redirected to the toilet cistern. And, the cost of saving the Earth mother is about $2,500 a night in peak season. If you’ve got the green to go that green, though, check out their site for more information.  The suite also features: 

Low embodied energy materials and building techniques
Site sourced stone, mud and timber
Non-toxic adhesives and wood treatments
Excellent insulation, insulated glass and green roof
Highly efficient lighting, and active and passive cooling
Rainwater harvesting, storage and filtration
Energy autonomy via hybrid wind turbine, solar PV and micro-hydro applications
Reed bed for waste water and septic tank effluent and reused for
landscape irrigation (biological filtration)
Natural swimming pool using plants to clean the water
Electric vehicle
LEED certification