Sony pulled off one of the fastest takeovers of a technology in the history of business. With the demise of HD DVD, that leaves Sony’s Blue-Ray and the stand alone in the High Definition Disc market. Not only are they the only one left standing but they also have the cheapest Blu-Ray player out there. Why in the world wouldn’t you buy the PS3? You get the system AND the player. I don’t care if you’re 50 you still buy it in case your children or grandchildren come over.

It just shows that in order to take over a technology you need to pay off the people that will distribute your product. If people have a choice on platforms, throw enough cash in their face to make sure the choice is easy. Start with the big boys and then force the little ones to move with the crowd. It was a beautifully played manhandle. Very mafiaesque.

And of course who’s sitting on the sidelines shaking their head “no” yet nobody’s asked them a question? Microsoft. No matter what they do lately, they show great success, and then somebody comes in, does a better job and ends up taking market share. Microsoft certainly is not hurting, but something is eating market share in every thing they do search, browsers, advertising, OS, and game systems. Don’t get me wrong, we have no reason to feel sorry but they were forced a hand because their competitors had the competing technology and like all bad hands, it folded.