The idea of carrying a powerful computer on your wrist was the stuff of science fiction for years. Now that it’s actually possible, it hasn’t quite caught on. Sony is looking to change that with the SmartWatch ($150), a sleek little gadget that interfaces with Android devices to provide easier access to everything in your smartphone.

While Sony is marketing the SmartWatch as a gadget for all-day use, it strikes us more as a tool to be used during a workout or other activities that don’t afford you the freedom to pull a phone from your pocket at any given moment. Since it connects directly to your Android device, the SmartWatch offers a more convenient way to check text messages and calls, or change a song mid-jog. You could keep it on all day, sure, but how hard is it to take your phone out of your pocket when you’re standing at the bus stop or sitting at your desk? We’ll let you be the judge.

If you often find yourself juggling your phone with one hand while steering a bike down a mountain or hang gliding over a deep ravine, the SmartWatch is for you. Pick one up at Sony.