We’re big fans of the Sony Tablet S, so much so that we’ve teamed with Sony to give one away. Read on for details about the tablet and how you can enter to win it.

The first thing you notice about the Tablet S ($499 for the 16GB model and $599 for the 32GB) is its innovative wedge shape. The design, inspired by the look and feel of a folded magazine, results in a more natural grip, ideal for e-reading purposes, and an angled, wrist-friendly typing surface when the device is laid flat.

On the inside, the Tablet S sets itself apart with a sleek interface and a host of useful native apps, all powered by the increasingly popular Android operating system. Standout features include the universal remote—a program that allows you to control just about any entertainment system in your home right from your tablet—and the “throw” command, which instantly transfers movies and music mid-play from your tablet to your television or sound system with a simple drag and drop motion.

Plus, for the gaming-minded tablet shopper, the Tablet S is a cut above the rest. Sony, purveyor of the always in-demand PlayStation, made the Tablet S PlayStation certified, meaning it runs PSP and PS1 titles. As if to give you a taste of what’s ahead, the Tablet S comes pre-loaded with mid-90s favorite Crash Bandicoot. You may still be on the fence, but it’s a good bet that your inner child wants this device.

And the best part, as promised, is that we’re teaming with Sony to give one away! Here’s how to enter to win it:

Courtesy of Sony Electronics, in the comment section below, tell us the one device you simply couldn’t live without. Your phone? Your stereo? Your… uh… blender? Anything goes. Tell us why it’s important to you and how it makes your life better. Submit your entry, along with your email address, by December 9 at 12 pm EST. We’ll pick a winner later that day.