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Man of the Moment: Shane Mosley

Three-time world title holder Shane Mosley is in the spotlight this week as he prepares to fight the favored Manny Pacquaio for the welterweight championship at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 7. We give him much credit for having the guts to do what Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather Jr. apparently won't. And whether he springs the upset or not, Sugar Shane has some winning advice for all guys. W …


How To Get Your Skydiving Certification

If you are interested in skydiving without supervision, you should learn about how to get your skydiving certification. Getting your skydiving certification requires that you master all of the procedures involved in skydiving. You will need to demonstrate altitude awareness, control of your parachute, knowledge of the required equipment, and self-sufficiency. Here are the basic steps to getting ce …


Make A Skydiving Camera Helmet

There are many reasons why you might want to make a skydiving camera helmet. This is because skydiving can be exhilarating and fun, but watching yourself skydive on camera can be even more exciting. T …

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