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Travis Pastrana Breaks Ankle, NASCAR Future Hazy

The inimitable Travis Pastrana makes headlines because almost every time he competes, one of two things happens. Either he lands a crazy new trick no one had thought of before, or he suffers a gruesome injury attempting said trick. Which is exactly what happened last night during the Moto X Best Trick competition at X Games 17. This one's a little different, though, in that he is trying to be a …


Indoor Skydiving Spots In Atlanta

If you're into skydiving and are near the greater Atlanta area, then these three indoor skydiving spots in Atlanta will pique your interest. Skydiving is a psychotic adrenaline rush and not everyone can afford or stomach those twenty thousand foot drops from Heaven’s underbelly back down to earth. Indoor skydiving gives you some of the thrill with the use of vertical wind tunnels, without the thre …


Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek's net worth is the result of his innovative ability to transform a passion into a multimillion dollar Kingdom. You might think, what would it be like to pursue a passion and then t …

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