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The 10 Biggest Upsets in Boxing History

To read the sports press, you’d think this weekend's matchup is merely a prequel to Mayweather-Pacquiao. But strange things happen in the boxing ring, like these shockers involving Ali, Tyson, De La Hoya and some dude named James J. Corbett


Five MMA Underdogs Worth Rooting For

Ah, the underdog, whose fabled Hollywood tales of triumph against all odds nearly inspires us to get off our couches and make a change in the world, nearly. With its lightning-quick knockouts and last-second submissions, mixed martial arts has quickly become the official sport of the underdog. And with the MMA-themed Warrior hitting theaters next weekend, here are the five real-life underdogs most …


De La Hoya and Other Athletes Who Fell From Glory

“The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya, former world boxing champion in six weight classes and gold medalist at the 1992 Olympic Games, came forward recently with a harrowing tale of cocaine and alcohol ad …

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