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3 Cheap Strategies You Can Use To Win A Bar Fight

Some people will call them cheap shots. But winners will call them good moves. These simple and effective strategies will help you win a bar fight without breaking a sweat. Or they will piss off your attacker even more and you'll be forced to knock him out in one punch with a little help from our For The Win video below. Either way it's a guarantee that a fight will be won.   Puff U …


Video: How to Defend Against Different Attacks

It's no fun being attacked, but you can come out on top (also known as "alive") with a little know-how and a lot of guts. In this instructional video, For the Win host Mike Capes shows you what to do in the event of a knife assault, a home invasion and the inevitable onslaught of hostile aliens. The guts part is up to you.


The World’s Most Dangerous Combat Sports

With the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts and the rise of UFC, two people beating one another to bloody pulps is once again mainstream fare. While MMA is no doubt a brutal sport, there exist f …

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