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5 Awesome Team Building Exercises

They’ve gotten a bad rap lately, but bonding activities are actually a great way to get everyone on your office or sports squad to gel and operate as a cohesive unit. You know, so you can start kicking butt. Try these proven moves, and let the domination begin.


Make a Name for Your… Team

Oh, what’s in a name? A lot when it comes to your social sports team. You want it to be so striking that people hype up your team before you even step onto the court or field. Try these tips to make a name that stands out!


Rickie Fowler Doesn’t Do Khakis

With the US Open starting tomorrow, there’s a lot of chatter about Tiger, Rory and Sergio. But don’t sleep on the kid with the bright outfits and the killer swing. We asked him about bold fashion, fas …

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American Beauty

How have the US Olympians we spoke with fared in London? Not bad. Not bad at all. Here’s a r …