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4 Things Every Man Should Pack In A Survival Kit

If summer blockbusters have taught us anything, it is that the world will end in a special effects heavy bloodbath. It's never too early to learn the four things every man should pack in a survival kit. Planning ahead will make it much easier to survive any forthcoming apocalypse caused by asteroids, climate change, clandestine world governments or lunatic zombies.   1. Water Purificati ...


8 Deadly Insects That Will Have You Camping In Your Living Room

Many people are creeped out when they see insects during their travails in forest areas and woods, while other are fascinated by them. Whether you are fearless or fearful, it is wise to know what you may come across in the great outdoors. There are a number of insects that can have a devastating impact on your life if you come in contact with them. Here are eight deadly insects that might have you ...

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How To Tell A Great Ghost Story

There’s something exciting and wonderful about camping in the great outdoors. Part of it is that you have to do much of ...


How to Build a Survival Kit

As president of the Survival Training School of California, Thomas Coyne knows a thing or two about making his way in th ...


Coleman Instant Tents

One sure way to lose your man-cred is to flub pitching a tent (no pun intended) while camping. It’s not hard to do with ...

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