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13 Camping Items Every Man Needs

It’s high time to strike out for a few days of life in nature. From backpacks and sleeping bags to stoves and knives, here’s everything you need... CONTINUED


10 Mountain Skills Every Man Should Learn

Mountains can be unforgiving. They generate their own weather, create their own ecosystems… and punish the unprepared. But relax, check out these expert tips, and even if you live in an urban apartment you can sound like you’d survive in nature...


4 Things Every Man Should Pack In A Survival Kit

If summer blockbusters have taught us anything, it is that the world will end in a special effects heavy bloodbath. It's never too early to learn the four things every man should pack in a survival ki ...

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There’s something exciting and wonderful about camping in the great outdoors. Part of it is that you have to do much of ...


How to Build a Survival Kit

As president of the Survival Training School of California, Thomas Coyne knows a thing or two about making his way in th ...

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