How To Build A Whitewater Kayak

Knowing how to build a whitewater kayak may save you hundreds of dollars. A new kayak may cost up to $500 or more, so obviously building your own is the way to go. Here are some simple instructions on how to do just that! To build a whitewater kayak, you will need: two sheets of coroplast liquid nail para-cord waterproof tape plywood utility knife or saw …


How To Make Homemade Kayak Float Bags

Knowing how to make homemade Kayak float bag is an important part of kayaking sport. A kayak float bag is used for preventing kayak from breaking. Kayak floating bags are made from a number of fabrics, but the best so far is nylon. While making a kayak float bag, it is necessary to consider durability and safety. Kayak float bags are an important element of kayaking gear as they work as a lifeguar …


Best Kayak Escapade Mainstream Seat Covers

The best kayak Escapade mainstream seat covers are those seat covers which provide two things to your rear end while you are paddling away at your kayak. One, it provides a degree of comfort that will …

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How To Make Kayak Oars

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to make kayak oars. Making …

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