5 Reasons You Should Start Watching Hockey Immediately

The sports gods, in their benevolence, have finally deigned to end the umpteenth National Hockey League lockout. For this, we hockey fans are eternally grateful. You, however,may not be as enthused about pro hockey's stateside return. But you should be, because it's practically appointment viewing. Why? Check out this list of five reasons to start watching hockey immediately to figure out why! ...


How to Hockey Stop

Knowing how to hockey stop is an invaluable skill whether you're a hockey player or just skating for fun.  The hockey stop allows for rapid braking and quick turns on the ice. Although it looks intimidating, the hockey stop is based on simple physics and is easy to master. You will need: hockey skates   Begin skating straight forward.  Do two to ...


Behind the Lights: Zebras on Ice

Becoming an NHL ref takes more than the ability to skate and not break up fights. We sent our host to the California Referee School at Toyota Sports Center (where the LA Kings train) to learn how hock ...

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