3 Of The Best Soccer Stadiums In The US

Soccer stadiums give clubs their identities. It is the headquarters for every soccer aficionado, loyal fan and casual supporter who idolizes their local club, and of course each stadium can generate a substantial amount of money if the club decides to sell the naming rights to the ground. This can l ...


USA vs. Mexico, Part 60

As you may know, we here at Made Man have boldly declared ourselves football fans, and by that we mean both the domestic and international definitions of the term. And tonight, the kind with less tight-pants-wearing and more kicking showcases the debut of German legend Juergen Klinsmann as the US na ...


Three Quick Rants About American Soccer

This past week has been packed with soccer-related madness here in the USA. First, Juventus played Club America match in a freakin’ baseball stadium ( ...

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