Laird Hamilton Hates Sunscreen

The legendary big-wave surfer pioneered stand-up paddle surfing, married beach volleyball babe Gabby Reece and appeared in The Descendants. We asked him about catching waves, women and sun protection. He has strong feelings about that last topic…


Surfing Quotes

It's time to narrow down the best surfing quotes ever. Surfing is so much more than an outdoor activity. It is a connection to nature, an outlet for the stress of everyday life, and union with something bigger than ourselves. Thousands of individuals have left us with quotes describing just this. Here are ten of the best quotes on surfing."Sliding a wave removes our brains out of the ordi …


10 Best Warm Surf Spots Worldwide

The 10 best warm surf spot worldwide offer surfers long or year-round surfing seasons. Many of these spots in the sun have been favorites for generations while others are just making their way up the …

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