Brendan Hansen Is a “Breaststroke Specialist”

No, really. And with four Olympic medals to his name, he’s raring to shred the field this weekend in London. But first, he talked with us about competing, bow hunting and the 6,000-calorie diet. Also, what not to say if you misplace your gold medal...


Swim Workouts

Swimming is easily one of the best physical activities for you, and these swim workouts will ensure that you're in tip top condition. Of course, these exercise sequences are a bit more strenuous than most people would expect, so feel free to alter them to your needs in any way you see fit. Warmup. First, start by swimming freestyle for a few laps. This is to make sure your body doesn't c …


Swimming Calories Burned

Be sure to get your Breaststroke on this summer and enjoy the benefits of extra swimming calories burned off of your waistline. Swimming is known for being one of th …

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