In addition to sharing the same first, made-up name as Cherith Cutestory from “Arrested Development,” CHeRiTH VaLLeY is a family-owned and operated business running out of Fort Worth, Texas that makes artisanal, gourmet preserves. That’s not really anything unique. What is unique is that some of their preserves are just as appropriate for an after-work happy hour as your usual peanut butter is in a lunchbox. 

They’re, for lack of a better term, boozy jellies, come in a variety of intoxicating (sorry) flavors like Red Wine, Margarita, and Cherry-Brandy (among others). They don’t appear to have any alcohol retained in the jars, but since nutritional facts aren’t legally required to reflect it, who knows? They also have ‘Spirited Peaches’ which are preserved in ‘scumptious almond liqueur’ and ‘spirited cherries’ that are in the same, tipsy vein. Head to the site and contact them to make your order. 



Red Wine