In the midst of Oscar insanity late last month, we caught up with the lovely Abigail Ratchford, who was drinking Loft & Bear Vodka at Rosalina’s Gifting & Style Lounge. Ratchford oozes sexy. The curvaceous California Instagram sensation has nearly 4 million followers, is not dating Johnny Manziel and plans to get into acting. With spring on the horizon, we hit her up for tips about men’s swimwear, manscaping, dating and more. And we must say her advice is pretty damn solid.

“I prefer when guys just wear mid-length shorts or board shorts. Speedos are a no-no.”

At the gifting suite, what was your favorite item?
I loved Police sunglasses, a lot of the shapes I felt were gender neutral and would look great on guys too. I don’t like when guys wear designer sunglasses with the logo blatantly on them though, it feels like they’re trying too hard. The Police sunglasses are high end, but didn’t have big logos on them that screamed the price tag. The ones I got were by far my favorite and I think they’d look super hot on a guy too.

What are you working on now?
Right now, I’m working on developing my own app where my followers can get behind the scenes content of my day-to-day life and exclusive pics!

Soon we will be back to beach weather, what do you think is the best male swimwear: Speedos, mid-length shorts or board shorts?
I prefer when guys just wear mid-length shorts or board shorts. Speedos are a no-no.

Manscaping for the beach: do you like a waxed chest, trimmed chest, or au natural?
I like either a waxed chest or trimmed short. I hate when guys shave their chest, then it gets all prickly and itchy. And only go au natural if you aren’t very hairy.

Working out at the beach: Sexy or douchey?
You can work out at the beach if you genuinely like to work out there. Some people like to do it just to be seen or pick up girls, and that douchiness reads right through.

Where are your favorite beaches?
I love going to Malibu in the summer. It’s close enough to where I live in LA, there’s so many beautiful houses on the beach. Plus, my favorite restaurant is there… Nobu. Nothing better than having sushi and drinks while looking at the sunset with friends.

“If you are shy, just ask a lot of questions. It will make it seem like you are talking, but you’re actually just listening to her.”

Let’s talk dating etiquette, got any tips on how a guy should approach a girl?
I’d say just be yourself, don’t come on too strong. Better to start slow and win her over, instead of pulling out all the tricks at once. Also, don’t try to name drop or pretend you have more than you do. You want a girl who likes you for you, not who you pretend to be.

If a guy is shy, what’s your best tip?
If you are shy, just ask a lot of questions. It will make it seem like you are talking, but you’re actually just listening to her. Then it will help you get more comfortable in between her responses to chime in and add your own bit to the convo.

How do you like a guy to dress on a date?
I like a guy to dress casual, but put together. Think Adam Levine.

What’s a hot date for you?
Dinner and drinks, then a dope concert is my idea of a hot date. But if you do a concert, you need a box or something, or else you won’t be able to hear each other!

What’s a good pickup line?
Pickup lines never work, unless the guy is funny and is blatantly using a well-known pickup line. Like “How much does a polar bear weigh?” or “Do you believe in love at first sight… or should I walk by again?” Ones that everyone has heard, so he’s saying it just as a joke.

Where’s a good place to meet women?
A bookstore or coffee shop.

What do you do to work out?
I work out with my cousin John who’s my trainer. He does a mix of circuit, cardio, and CrossFit with me, and lately we’ve been doing a lot of booty building exercises to get me really ready for pool season.

What does sexy mean to you?
Sexy means being just as confident and comfortable in the most expensive thing you own as you are in sweatpants. It’s just a sense of being sure in your own skin and own body, and knowing that nobody in the world can ever be you.

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