If you can say with a straight face that after watching a James Bond movie you never dreamed about being a spy (or at least having his sweet gadgets), then you are clearly a double agent.

Every guy worth his pen camera has had some fantasy about going undercover in some exotic land and sleeping with Octopussy. Enter spysource.net: A not-so-top-secret lab for all things espionage. Whether you want to fight in the "War on Terror," or you just want to get the proof your girlfriend is faceboinking, then you’ll have everything you need. 

Some highlights from the site: A Hand-Held Stun Gun that looks comically similar to the hand buzzer gag gift, the Pen Camcorder for all of the illegal activity going on in your pocket, and, of course, the Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit. It can detect another man’s presence in your girlfriend’s under garments in only five minutes! Nasty? Yes. But spying is a dirty business. Fulfill all of your spy related needs at www.spysource.net