Star Jones, a former Brooklyn prosecutor turned TV star, need to be kicked off The View. Not because she had her stomach stapled and refuses to admit it. She loses 100 pounds in a few months and gets mad everytime someone asks. Not because her husband is gay. Gay men make the best companions for women, ask any women. It’s not because she’s black. The show is called The View and should have all viewpoints. It’s because anything that goes through her mind she thinks she has to say it. We all have those thoughts, things that we are thinking at the moment but are very glad nobody can hear them and we never said them aloud. Star Jones never has those moments. Yesterday on the view she said that the Iraq war was nothing more than two male egos colliding. She said and I quote “You know what? At some point, one of these men has to put it back in his pants and zip up the zipper” She has also said that Bin Ladin and Bush should just sit down and talk. The shows other panelist especially Elizabeth Hasselback (the cute one) are getting tired of Jones’ mouth and I think its time they find a new replacement. It is not about Star. She thinks she the drawing point to the show and I promise you she is not the reason women watch the show. I don’t watch the show because I am at work or watching CNBC but caught all the excerpts on the news. If this was the first time she made a mockery of the show it would be a warning but she mouths off all the time and I am sure she will even more when she is fired. She will tell everyone it is because she is a powerful black woman when in reality it will have because she is a liar (her weight loss) ego maniac, (her wedding) who cannot control her thoughts or mouth in a public venue.