It’s been a dream since childhood: to play with all the hottest intergalactic babes from that galaxy far, far away. Play what exactly is up to the individual’s fantasy, but it might be better left unsaid here.

Besides, those fantasies will never be fulfilled since those characters are fictional (debatable), so tough luck, right? We have a suggestion. The Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards from ThinkGeek will do just the trick next time you have the boys over for a poker night and are feeling like spicing things up a bit. Because let’s face it; the Queen of Hearts on a regular deck of playing cards is kind of busted. Especially compared to Jabba the Hut’s sandbarge-scene Princess Leia in that gold bikini. And Leia is not all you will find. There are aliens of every race, not just humans, like those dancing girls with the long things coming out of their heads that when you think about it must serve absolutely no evolutionary purpose… besides looking hot! The only question is, are we counting Threepio as a lady of Star Wars? He was pretty dainty. The full deck of playing cards is cheap at $4.99, so why not, right? You can find it here.