If you’re among the laptop-toting crowd of young urbanites who flock to the local coffeehouse after dark for those late-night sip-and-chat sessions, your evenings could soon get a bit more interesting — or at least a little tipsier.

Starbucks, in an effort to build a broader nighttime customer base, might start serving beer and wine nationwide alongside the company’s regular menu offerings of coffee, tea and overpriced egg salad sandwiches.

According to franchise insiders, the decision to pursue such alternative beverage options came after research showed that Starbucks currently does 70 percent of its business before 2 p.m. With most Starbucks locations remaining open well into the early evening, it only makes sense that the company would look to adopt some sort of nocturnal business persona tailored to the after-hours crowd.

The experiment began earlier this year when Starbucks temporarily closed down one of its popular Seattle locations for renovations. USA Today reports that now, three months later, the store is almost ready to reopen, complete with a new selection of regional beers, wines and local cheeses, and a revamped floor plan that apparently resembles, well, a wine and cheese bar.

If the attempted facelift proves successful, Starbucks’ new alcohol-infused menu will likely expand to other locations across the country, including the eight or nine locations that currently exist within three blocks of your apartment.