Whether you’re looking for entertainment, inspiration or information, these podcasts are guaranteed to get you thinking, laughing—and probably fucking—in no time.

1. Sex with Emily
In this power hour of all things provocative, sex therapist, author and doctor of human sexuality Emily Morse explores everything from monogamy to masturbation in a laid-back, informative way. It’s less clean and academic, and just risqué enough to leave you feeling smarter and sexier after an episode.

2. Death, Sex, and Money
This podcast from WYNC (the same geniuses who birthed Radiolab) dives into everything from money and career to family, relationships and your sex life. Anna Sale is less steamy and more relatable to everyday living, interviewing celebrities and your average Joe in this all-encompassing show that offers identifiable anecdotes with humor and earnestness.

3. My Dad Wrote a Porno
What could possibly be worse than hearing about your parent’s sex life? You would think reading about it, but not for host Jamie Morton. In this hilarious and often sexy podcast, James Cooper and Alice Levine embrace the awkward and read a new chapter of Dad’s naughty novella each episode. More hilarious than hot, this podcast is worth a listen all the same.

4. Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica: Sexy Stories with Rose Caraway
Join Rose Caraway, more fondly known as The Sexy Librarian as she reads various tales of sexual exploration. Feel free to engage your senses and use her velvety voice to set a naughty atmosphere with your next (or current) partner.

5. Savage Love
Hosted by author, activist and sex and relationship columnist Dan Savage, this show promises to get weird and raw. This one is for the open-minded, as callers reach out to Savage, asking for advice on topics ranging from what to do with a partner who has an adult baby fetish, to navigating open relationships, to tit size preferences. This podcast is LGBTQ friendly and focuses on alternative views of sexuality, as Savage is a huge advocate for suicide prevention amongst LGBTQ teens with his It Gets Better Project.

Photo: iStock/Geber86