These days, the perfect pour is a feat rarely witnessed. It’s hard to get just the right amount of head to maintain the aesthetic and flavor that most people enjoy (twss).  With your help, Stella Artois is trying to raise awareness of the "pouring ritual" and help crown one champion draughtsman (is that a job?) as part of its annual World Draught Masters competition. On October 28th, 32 champion bartenders from around the globe will gather in London to compete at the World Draught Master Championships 2010. 

The finals will kick off live at 19:15 UK time (3:15 EST – 12:15 PST) and last for less than one hour. You can watch it on the embed below, or at their site here. So, who can master the 9 step pouring ritual? 

9-Step Perfect Pour

I: The Purification
The chalice is rinsed with cold water, allowing the glass to reach the same temperature as the beer.

II: The Sacrifice
The tap is opened in one swift motion to let the first burst of foam flow away, ensuring every drop is fresh.

III: The Liquid Alchemy
The chalice is held at a 45-degree angle so that the circulating beer creates the ideal balance of foam and liquid.

IV: The Crown
Straightening and lowering the glass creates a foam head, which prevents oxidation and loss of flavour.

V: The Removal
In one smooth action the tap is closed and the chalice is removed to prevent stray drops from hitting the glass.

VI: The Beheading
While the head brims over the glass, the bartender cuts it gently with a knife on a 45-degree angle, eliminating large bursting bubbles which accelerate the dissipation of the head.

VII: The Judgment
The bartender checks that the foam is two fingers thick. This final head creates a prophylactic “cap” that keeps the beer effervescent.

VIII: The Cleansing
The bartender rinses beer scum off the bottom and sides of the glass.

IX: The Bestowal
Finally, the bartender serves you your beer on a coaster, with a delicate paper skirt.