As I have said before, Sirius was making a mistake making Stern their posterboy. I was curious if they had ever heard his show before. Now they have and they realize how dirty it is. Stern refuses to be censored and Sirius can’t have some kid switching stations and hearing complete filth. Someone is going to have to give in. I see a relationship about to fall apart if something doesn’t happen. I see Stern toning it down just a hair and Sirius putting a “double click” to make someone have to click twice (one with a warning) before tuning in the Stern station. I have no problems with cursing, or naked women. I just feel Stern takes things over the top to the point were they are no longer shocking and he’s just having people curse to curse. Talk to anyone outside of the show and they don’t have language like that. Everyone knows that it is much more fun when you can’t say certain things or see nudity. It keeps the creativity up. Now that he is completely open and can do whatever he wants it takes all the fun out of it. Anything goes is not nearly as fun but maybe that is changing. Sirius is going to set up some guidelines according to this report. Somehow, I don’t think these are going to apply to Stern. Stern biggest fear is he will stop getting all the media attention he thrives on. So far he’s done a great job keeping it. He can’t keep it up forever and he soon will just become another popular radio station. Even the terrible ManCow will end up having more listeners. Sirius is still very happy with their shockjock but will they be in one year? We’ll see .