Dick joke fans rejoice: Ruler of raunch Howard Stern announced this morning that he’s renewing his contract with Sirius XM, securing his timeslot on the satellite network for another five years.

The announcement came after months of speculation about Stern’s future employment prospects. He reportedly entertained a number of options, including offers from two terrestrial radio networks, a teaching gig at his alma mater, Boston University, and full-blown retirement. 

“I started to look at all the companies, Sirius included,” Stern said. “And Sirius has been very, very anxious for me to re-sign. … And I know deep down in my heart, I kept thinking I’d like to stay here. Because more than anything, I think what we’ve built hasn’t been finished yet.”

Though the 56-year-old radio personality didn’t reveal the financial details behind his new contract, he indicated earlier this week that he wouldn’t be willing to accept a reduction in his compensation. Referencing his initial $500 million contract with Sirius XM, Stern balked at the prospect of getting anything less in the future.

"I know what I have done in this company," Stern yelled on air. "I am not taking a fucking paycut!"

Stern maintains that he will likely retire after his new contract is up in five years.