Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, is no stranger to incredibly awkward internet video moments.

When he’s not dancing around, screaming like a lunatic or stressing the importance of developers, this lovable bald guy is a highly sought-after public speaker.

While in Budapest, Hungary today delivering a speech at a university, Ballmer was accosted for ‘stealing money from the Hungarian people’ and then pelted with three eggs.

His assailant is difficult to comprehend, but it’s safe to say: this is one of the most awkward protest demonstrations ever.

Steve Ballmer Egged In Hungary – Watch more free videos

Detailed analysis of where it all went wrong after the jump:

Firstly – Ballmer starts off with his patented go-to joke, ‘Does anyone have finals?!’, to warm up the crowd. He might have been egged for that crime alone.

But really the awkwardness of the whole thing comes from the guy’s painstakingly slow technique of throwing those eggs and then just standing around.

His presence in the very middle of his row also forces everyone seated near him to stand up and allow him to exit. Just like that jerk from your Psych 101 class who would get up to go to the bathroom right in the middle of a lecture.

Every other public protest I’ve seen, whether it be with pies or waterballoons, is usually done by speedy attackers who make a quick getaway out the back door. Not this guy. He sticks around spewing some more Hungarian hate speech while Ballmer cowers behind the podium.

He is wearing a ‘Microsoft = Corruption’ shirt too! And although it’s just a dress shirt with pen markings on the back, still, didn’t anyone suspect he might be up to something?

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