OK, it might not be the bike he used to hop that fence in The Great Escape, but any cycle the King of Cool rode gets our attention, including this one. The Ex-Steve McQueen, as it’s been named, is an ivory-and-black 1934 Indian 750cc Sport Scout, a marque at the very forefront of motorcycle tech and design in the early 20th Century. And it’s on the market for bidding at just $84,000.

This classic beauty was purchased by the current vendor at Bonhams’ McQueen Sale in San Francisco in November 2006. Since acquisition, the Scout has been registered in the UK and mostly kept on display at the owner’s office. It was in good condition upon purchase, however, and during its last run in May 2015.

While the Sport Scout typically features a lighter keystone or open frame and European-style girder forks, this unique one appears to have the frame of a 1941 Junior Scout and the engine of a 1940 Sport Scout. Regardless, it’s a piece of Hollywood badass history, so whether a horde of Nazis is chasing you or not, we are certain it’s one helluva ride. Check out a couple more photos below.

Indian-Sports Indian

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