His father was a stunt pilot. He was demoted 7 times in the Marines, then saved 5 of his fellow soldiers during Arctic training. He raced motorcycles and cars to put himself through acting school, and he eventually won an Oscar (but never stopped racing). His nickname is The King of Cool, and now you can own his sunglasses.

Persol is rereleasing their 3-hinged Steve McQueen signature shades this year. They come in black or tortoise rims with a brown, blow or black lens. The real selling point of these glasses is not their unique, sporty shape or the four Persol arrows gilding their frames, it’s the unusual placement of a third hinge in the bridge of the glasses allowing you to fold them down to about the size of a single lens. Then slip them in your artfully unbuttoned shirt like Steve would, or put them in the leather case (included) because these suckers are going to cost you somewhere between $310 and $360. Check ‘em out at Sunglasses Hut here.