Traders are still not taking Apple seriously. Chartist are looking at the technicals and saying it can’t move up much more but they need to take their eyes off the screen and go outside and look around. Apple has reached the tipping point. The tipping point is where something spreads like an epidemic. A social virus. Apple is there as a company and has been there for a year with ipods. They have tipped in computers and might even add phones and pdas here very soon. Yes PDAs. I’ll give the scoop on that soon as well in a few weeks . With a 2007 PE of 27 this is still an incredible buy. I couldn’t believe on another blog that some couldn’t find a near term catalyst to make the stock go higher. They also said this 3 days before earnings so if they couldn’t see this catalyst I don’t expect them to see very far in the future either. The only, and I mean the only thing that is holding this stock under 100 is the options backdating. As soon as that is released and we get it out, this stock is going to take a quick ride up. I am not saying that the options problem won’t knock it down a bit but as soon as it does, I’m going to scoop up some cheap shares and average down.