That is you brain telling you to be careful. If you are a long term investor, go to your cash and put in your trading account. DO NOT BUY but get ready to add some at these cheap shares. But you better wait. This has dead cat bounce written all over it. The markets are going to go down a bit over the next few weeks. If you feel nervous and own stock, then sell calls. If you don’t know how to do this then you shouldn’t even be worried about day to day things, you should sell or just come back in a year. It does strike me as amazing that people know who Lindsay Lohan’s dating or how the Anna Nicole burial custody is going, but they have no idea how to hedge their assets. Oh well, it’s only money and Anna Nicole had some really nice boobs.

PS: For you uninformed who thought that the drop was caused by computers. Yes computers were doing the trading, but the huge drop was caused by a computer that couldn’t keep the index updated and when it finally did, it showed the REAL drop. It had been -500 all along. The spike was when the backup computer was put into play and helped out. Don’t believe the media, do your own DD

Update: Sold out puts at $1.00 on stop looking for reentry.