When you date a new woman, it’s normal to mentally compare her to an ex-girlfriend. It can happen for many reasons: Your new girlfriend might look like an ex or something that she does simply brings back old memories. But imagine how it would feel if your girlfriend openly said that you remind her of her last boyfriend… whom she dumped for one reason or another. Before you say those dreaded words, here are a few reasons why you should avoid “the comparison.”

1. She wants to feel special. If you ever listened to Rihanna’s song “Only Girl in the World,” it sums up perfectly that women want to feel like you only have eyes for them. It makes them feel wanted and that you find them attractive. Even if you are angry with her and you start comparing, it will make her believe that you are still stuck in the past, which means it will be difficult for you to move forward.

2. She will quickly lose interest. Women are attentive and have memories that store almost everything that happens in relationships—whether good or bad. If you bring up your past too many times, she will start to think you are not into her and will slowly pull away from you. In general, women don’t want to feel like a secondary option.

3. She might ask to meet your ex-girlfriend. There are times that both men and women keep in touch with exes. If your new girlfriend starts to believe you might still have a thing for an ex, she might ask you to introduce her. Depending on her personality, she might say that she is curious about your ex and when the three of you get together, your girlfriend will ask questions and watch how the two of you interact. That’s not a position you want to put yourself in.

Trust me: No good can come from this.

Photo Credit: iStock/jacoblund