There are a lot of distractions when you’re driving. Too many. You’ve got to pay attention to the road and other drivers, all while looking down at the dash to check your speed and fuel levels, consulting navigation and toggling with the stereo and climate controls. Plus, your phone keeps dinging, and as much as you shouldn’t look… it’s hard. So overall, not the safest environment when handling a two-ton machine.

The Navdy Head-Up Display ($799) is a new product that’s attempting to change that by putting a bunch of relevant information in one place—right in front of you—so you can stay connected to the road, your car and your network all at once.

The device sits on of your dash and projects images so they appear in the distance, through your windshield, right in your field of vision. This keeps your eyes up and on the road while allowing you to take in extra information like directions, calendar appointments or incoming calls.

And to interact with everything, there’s a rotating dial that attaches to your steering wheel for scrolling through options like songs, contacts and routes. You can also make swiping gestures with your hands to dismiss a call or move on to something else. It’s smart enough to know the difference between that and steering wheel movements, so no worries there.

Overall, it’s a handy way to access a ton of info without looking down. Provided you don’t drop your bagel between the seats, of course.