Stormy Daniels is known more for the romantic side of the phrase romantic comedy.  Her career as an adult film actress is long and storied, but, of late she’s been thrusting her career into more mainstream roles of late.  She’s tied down cameos in “Knocked Up”, “The Girl Next Door”, “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Dirt” and “Party Down.”  And, now, she’s striking the middle ground in “Finding Bliss” – the story of an idealistic young film student who ends up working in the adult business just to make end meet.  Little does she know that the symphony of sexy, slapping skin will be the soundtrack to her greatest work to date…

We had a chance to chat with Stormy about her career, her life, and about what she thinks is romantic.  Check it out.

MM: This isn’t your usual role, obviously.  How’d you get hooked up with this film?

SD: Actually I seem to do a lot of roles (cameos) where I play myself.  I did similar parts in “Knocked Up”, “The Girl Next Door”, “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Dirt” and “Party Down”….I guess I’m type cast!  I don’t mind though because I am having a great time doing all of this.  I didn’t audition for the part.  The producers called looking for me.

MM: What was different about working on this set (other than the obvious); was it more or less fun?

SD: It was a lot of fun to see how a different crew operates.  Wicked Pictures produce very high end adult films and honestly there wasn’t too much different.  Mainstream usually has better catering though.

MM: The movie is about a girl that comes to Hollywood to do mainstream flicks, and is convinced to inject some heart and soul into the adult industry.  How big a factor is making an adult film engaging cinematically in real life?

SD: It is the most important part of my job as a writer and director.  Wicked focuses mainly on couples-friendly porn so I have to make it both hot for men and women.  Women pay more attention to the non-sex related details.  I shoot my features as if they were a non-adult film that just happens to have great sex in them.  There is A LOT of competition in the adult market so we have to be sure to set ourselves a part from the rest.

MM: You’ve got a great stage name.  Unfortunately, my real name is B.J. Fleming.  Any suggestions for a better porn name for me?

SD: I’ve always heard that you should use the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on.  Give that a try.  BTW, mine would be “Baby McClelland”.

MM: What are your favorite romantic comedies?

SD: I like all the Apatow produced stuff…but I’m pretty biased.  “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is one of my favorites.

MM: You were also in “40 Year Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up” briefly.  Any aspirations for bigger roles in films like these? 

SD: I just take them as they come.  I loved working on these films, but it wasn’t something I set out to do when I entered the adult industry.  I am not stupid enough to believe that porn would be a stepping stone into becoming the next Julia Roberts.

MM: You’re a Southern girl from Baton Rouge.  How is romance different in the South as opposed to L.A.? 

SD: Haha! Everything is different.  Men from the South are actual gentlemen.  When I first moved to Cali, I was shocked that it wasn’t the norm for a guy to open a door and pull out a chair.

MM: What do you think is romantic?

SD: Thoughtfulness!  Doing something that is truly special to that particular person….in other words, no generic gifts or date plans.  Put some thought into what he or she actually likes and do something based on that.

MM: You’re a writer and a director of adult films, too.  What’s it like to be on the other side of the camera?

SD: It’s amazing.  I absolutely LIVE for writing and directing.  For me, there is nothing more magical than seeing one of my ideas come to life in front of me.  It is also a lot more stressful because you are responsible for everything, not just your personal performance.

MM: You said once you want to be a journalist.  What would you write for us at Made Man?

SD: I gave up wanting to be a journalist a very long time ago.  I am much too opinionated for that style of writing.  I like the creativity that is allowed in script writing.

MM: If you could star in an adult movie with a mainstream actor, who would it be?

SD: This answer will probably get me into trouble, but none of them.  In my experiences, mainstream actors (and performers) have a very difficult time relating to women sexually.  And no, I will not name names. haha.

MM: You’re a big Motley Crue fan. As am I. Ever met the band? What’s your favorite song?  Tell us a good Crue story…

SD: I’ve met everyone but Nikki Sixx, which sucks since he is my favorite.  My favorite Crue song is a tie between Primal Scream and Wildside.