If you’re looking for a longer piece of journalism for your weekend, might we suggest a rather compelling feature that we just read on RealClearLife. It’s co-written by frequent Made Man contributor Michael Weinreb, and it concerns Deborah Danner, the 66-year-old Bronx woman who wielded a baseball bat at a cop last month and was shot and killed by police.

The story doesn’t tackle the admittedly gigantic issues of police violence and race; rather, it explores who Danner was as a person and how her mental illness—Danner was what you might call a functional schizophrenic—influenced how she lived and ultimately died.

We have a mental illness crisis in this country, folks, and we need more articles like this one, which ask questions and attempt to provide answers as to how we deal with the mentally ill as a society. Because it’s not a problem that will be going away anytime soon. As the piece points out, roughly 44 million Americans experience some form of mental illness in any given year. That’s nearly 20 percent of our nation’s adult population.

We talk a lot about how we can become better men on this site. Certainly one way we can do this is by changing how we think of, behave around and empathize with people like Deborah Danner.

You can read the full article here.