The Conquest KNIGHT XV was, two years ago, the strongest and most luxurious SUV on the planet until, for a short time, the €1million Dartz Monaco Red Diamond Edition took that title away. But, Conquest is back in the ring and swinging hard with their retooled, 2010 KNIGHT XV.

The old version included Wilton Wool luxury carpeting, 6-way electric leather boardroom-style seating, sunroof glass with privacy shades; personal side-mounted laptop stations; LED cabin lighting, Alpine AM, FM, CD, DVD navigation and Bluetooth equipment; TV monitors; Night vision and rear op camera system and a PS3 game system so you can play God of War while being grenaded. Unsatisfied with the level of luxurious, combative comfort, Conquest added more.

New features include improved, high-performance breaking system, a turbo kit, a commercial-grade multi-link air-ride suspension system (like semis have), and 60 other upgrades.

Our two favorite upgrades come with the addition of a Oceanic flight 815 style black box to constantly monitor and record the state of the vehicle and the status of the passengers. The other, is a 24-inch vehicle extension package allowing you to make this already monstrous SUV, a little longer.

This urban tank weighs in at 12,000 pounds, and is powered by a 400 horsepower, 6.8-liter V-10 which produces 498 pound-feet of torque. You’re not going to be breaking any records in the quarter, but the multiple layers of armor will protect you from anything you’re not outrunning. Starting at $489,000.