We already know that excessive drinking can wreak havoc on the liver and smoking kills the lungs. But there is one sorta good thing for dudes who haven’t kicked these habits: Women want to sleep with them.

Well, not repeatedly. Just a one-night stand. Research from Belgium’s Ghent University titled The Young Male Cigarette and Alcohol Syndrome had 298 Belgian women between 17 and 30 years old read short profiles of men, which included their drinking and smoking habits. The women then guessed their attitudes toward love, danger and risk-taking, as well as their suitability as long- or short-term partners. Results suggest that men who smoke cigarettes and drink appear riskier and, therefore, are more attractive as short-term partners. This is because sex appeal is linked to risk, and risk-taking behavior is attractive in short-term mating contexts.

A subsequent study added that men who smoke and drink are more interested in short-term relationships anyway, so they might just hit the jackpot.