Well more than 30 million Americans are expected to hit the roads this Memorial Day Weekend, many of whom have strong opinions about their fellow motorists.

According to Expedia.com’2016 Road Rage Report, an annual analysis of driving etiquette, survey respondents really can’t stand texters, tailgators and last-minute-line-cutters. The following aggravators on the list include the left-lane hog, crawler, mutlitasker, swerver (the most common misbehavior), speeder, drifter, honker, the inconsiderate—you know, the guy who doesn’t say thanks when you let him cut you off—and the red light racer who inches ever closer to the stop line, anxious to floor it when the light turns green.

But we’ve all been guilty of one or all of these behaviors behind the wheel, and it’s sure as hell easier to notice poor driving when it’s not you. Almost half of the respondents said they’ve been on the receiving end of hostility. A total of 35 percent have been yelled or cursed at, 13 percent have been accosted by another driver who exited his or her car to do so, and nine percent have been involved in some physical altercation.

It’s no surprise that New York City exhibits the “worst road rage,” making it the least courteous driving city in America, according to almost half of the study’s respondents. But before you say, “West Coast/Best Coast,” Los Angeles ranked second, not far behind. Basically, move to Portland if can’t handle a middle finger.