Whether or not you agree with the concept of the dad bod, or that being a dad is a veritable license to pack on extra pounds, you can’t disagree with science. And science tells us that men with dad bods are having the most sex. Good sex? Who knows. A lot of sex? A lot.

A study done by Chapman University evaluated how a man’s height and weight affected his number of sexual partners. Via an online survey taken by 60,000 men and women averaging 37 years old, researchers found that men who are obese according to their BMI have had the most sexual partners—eight to be exact—followed by men with an average weight who reeled in just six partners.

Granted, we’ve all been inclined to lie about our “number” for one reason or another, so who really knows the absolute truth? But the study also reports that short men have pretty solid game, too, despite research indicating women’s preference for tall men. There you have it: everything we thought we knew about size and sex, debunked. Well, almost everything.